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We are extremely proud that most of our artificial turf is manufactured right here in Australia with our factory conveniently located in Sydney

The manufacturing process is overseen by our experienced staff who have also returned to join our business again, therefore together we can ensure the process is an overall success. We utilise only the highest standard yarn, primary backing and latex for our products, and conduct stringent quality checks throughout the processes.


There are two main processes for the production of synthetic grass; Tufting and Backing:


Tufting is the process where yarn is threaded through the collector board, fed throughout a system of rollers and passed down to the needles. From there, the yarn is then stitched into the primary backing and cut, forming a cut pile surface. The freshly tufted surface is checked, fed through a lapping frame and then neatly folded to preserve the quality of the tufting.



To create the tuft lock, the tufted product must pass through the backing plant whereby the application of latex is performed by a lick roller.

Cross-link drying of the latex is critical for the final quality of the tuft bind. The product is processed through the oven for curing before perforation draining holes are punched into the material.

Finally, the now tufted and backed product goes into the accumulator where the grass carpet is rolled and packaged ready for dispatch.

Now your dream of having that perfect green lawn all year long can be a reality with GrassHopper Artificial Grass.


Take a look at the possibilities below or browse our inspiring Instagram gallery for tips and ideas on your next project!