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What our customers say about us

Couldn’t be happier with the product and service!

The service I received from GrassHopper couldn’t have been better. I ordered my samples which arrived quickly, and once I made my choice, a friendly GrassHopper staff helped me figure out the perfect amount of grass I needed for my project. Shipping was fast, and with assistance from the installation guide on the website, installation was a breeze! Thank you, GrassHopper! I would recommend to family and friends.

James Campbell, April 2020

Love my new grass patio!

Really happy with the grass and service from GrassHopper. My husband laid it on our patio for our grandson and he loves to crawl around on it. We love how soft it is compared to the tiles we had installed. Plus, it’s so easy to maintain!

Elena Walker, April 2020

Exceptional product!

As soon as we completed laying our artificial grass from GrassHopper, we were immediately blown away by its appearance. Living in a dry climate, we are now finally able to have a nice green, luscious lawn without yellow spots and upkeep. Cannot recommend this product enough!

Dan Lee, May 2020

Perfect for dog owners!

We have two large dogs that love to dig up the grass in our garden and run in the mud, tracking paw prints inside the house. We installed our new artificial grass from GrassHopper and now the dogs have a fresh, full lawn to run around on without us having to worry about them making a mess. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to clean up any waste they leave behind. The dogs are happy, and we are happy! Thank you for a great product!

Emily Anderson, May 2020

A golfer’s dream

I play golf regularly and have always wanted a quality practice green in my backyard. After advice from GrassHopper, I knew exactly how much grass I would need for the project. The grass was delivered in no time and installation was very easy. Now, my golf buddies tell me I have no excuse for missing that putt - oh the pressure! – Thank you, GrassHopper!

Ed Kelly, June 2020

My garden is now complete

I take pride in my garden. I love spending time outside tending to my plants and flowers and feeling one with nature. However, the natural grass pathway leading to my garden was an eyesore. It was patchy and got soggy and muddy with only the smallest drizzle of rain. So, I replaced the natural grass with GrassHopper and my garden has never looked better! Would definitely recommend!

Lara Brown, June 2020

Playground perfection!

We recently installed artificial grass from GrassHopper in our kid’s playground area in the back garden. As they are at the age where they are starting to climb higher and play rougher, we wanted to provide them with a safe and clean surface to play on. We installed the thicker performance padding from GrassHopper underneath the grass for added support and spring. The kids absolutely love the new grass, and we can rest assured that they can safely roll around and play on it without getting grass stains or muddy clothes. Huge thanks to GrassHopper for enhancing our lives!

Karen and Joseph King, Queensland

Best lawn in the neighbourhood

My wife and I could not be happier with our new GrassHopper lawn. It was quick and easy to install and looks just like the real thing! It’s easy to maintain and we have already received many compliments about it. Now all of our neighbours want it too.

Beau Smith, June 2020

All around fantastic service and product!

I would just like to say how happy my husband and I are with the service and product we received from GrassHopper. The entire process was delightful from planning to installation, and our garden has never looked better. Whenever we called and spoke with someone, they were always extremely kind and helpful. With the new grass, our garden is now the perfect space to entertain our family and friends. Simply delighted!

Carol Martin, NSW

Thank you, GrassHopper!

We love our new grass and cannot stop telling everyone we know about it. Most of our days are now spent outside as a family on the grass. Only thing we are angry about is that we didn’t decide to get it sooner!

Thompson Family, WA