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Commercial Artificial Grass

Whatever your business activity, our Commercial artificial grass is extremely durable, yet easy to clean and maintain. Leaves and debris can be removed easily with a rake, blower/vac or garden broom while simultaneously brushing the grass to realign the fibres.

  • Gymnasiums
  • Bars, Restaurants & Hotels
  • Landscaped Retreat Areas
  • Shops, Cafés & Offices
  • Children’s Playgrounds
  • Expos & Displays
  • Caravan & Camping Grounds
  • Veterinary - Dog Run


With CrossFit becoming mainstream, whole body fitness has become the norm. From pulling or pushing sleds to conditioning drills, one can get a full body workout on a surface that is durable and easy to maintain. The smooth surface of artificial turf is perfect in gyms for sled pulls, plyometrics and more. Transform your workout area into a space where people will be able to work out their whole body in many fun and challenging ways.

Bars, Restaurants & Hotels

City bar, hotel and restaurant owners can give their guests a taste of the countryside by installing artificial grass in their garden or courtyard. Owners can also cater to kids with an indoor/outdoor play area, or lay fake grass as an exhibition with the option of a permanent or temporary installation. The opportunities are endless!

Commercial Breakout Areas

Commercial ‘green spaces’ and gardens are landscaped retreat areas where people can sit, relax, and have their lunch or workout. Whether it is on a rooftop or at ground level, having regular contact with nature can help with mental health and contribute to overall happiness.

Shops, Cafes & Offices

Artificial turf is a great way of attracting consumers to your business. Use artificial grass for a display in your shopping centre or storefront, create a more comfortable environment in your reception area or use our Custom Logo Turf for quirky entrances or signs; a perfect photo op for social media.

Children’s Playgrounds

Synthetic turf is a growing trend in commercial playground areas, keeping the kids entertained while parents are shopping, training or simply socialising. The key is creating something unique and accessible for all, allowing children of all different ages to play safely together.

Expos & Displays

Synthetic grass is suitable for transporting long distances and is quick and easy to install once at the destination. Most events or exhibitions are pressured with small time frames to set up. An artificial grass display can be promptly laid and will make an instant impression with exhibition onlookers.

Caravan & Camping Grounds

Artificial grass looks much better than muddy natural turf that is worn and has occasional dry patches in the heavy use areas around a caravan or camp site. Ensuring the park is aesthetically pleasing all year round will generate positive reviews and attract more customers. The reduced maintenance requirements of synthetic grass allow you more time to attend to your customers, ensuring they are enjoying their experience.

Veterinary – Dog Run

Not all artificial grass products are perfectly suited for dogs and other pets. As an animal focused business, you need a durable system that will withstand the rigors of highly active pets whilst ensuring the health and safety of everyone. Commercial grade, longer pile products are being used by pet professionals such as vets and trainers in areas where grass is impractical. In some cases, they are choosing it over natural lawn full stop, as it greatly reduces flea and bug activity, bathing times and eliminates the possibility of muddy digging.

Contact us today and we will enjoy discovering and advising your Commercial application.