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Dogs and Pets

We have developed Dogs & Pets artificial turf for that energetic, happy pooch or pet to run, chase and be kept entertained. Fake grass that looks and feels like natural turf with added softness will integrate well with other landscaping materials for pets to prowl and patrol, shelter from the sun, sit and survey the yard or simply hide from it all.

There are numerous benefits to creating a GrassHopper synthetic grass pet garden:

  • It won’t get sodden and muddy so there will be no muddy paws trekked into the house
  • It cannot be ruined or spotted by energetic animals playing or leaving their business
  • It cannot be dug up by dogs looking for treasure and bones
  • It is also suitable for humans

GrassHopper synthetic turf fibres allow urine to slip right through the grass layer without damaging the quality of the turf. “Number two” deposits are picked up in the same way as with natural grass and any residue can simply be sprayed with water and wiped down to be kept clean and hygienic.

Plus, our Dogs & Pets artificial grass is not just for the outdoors! Simply take a GrassHopper pet mat inside for your dog or pet to lie on out of the harsh environment. It is also great for potty training puppies as it is incredibly easy to wash off and clean. For the ultimate pet lover or boarding kennel, you can install a GrassHopper pet system with a drainage underlay facility making the pet room easy to manage no matter what mess the animals make.

Contact us today and we will enjoy discovering and advising your Dogs & Pets application.