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Schools and Playgrounds

Synthetic turf provides a great alternative to natural grass in Schools & Playgrounds where natural grass is not appropriate, such as heavily shaded areas or areas of high wear. Whilst it may be one larger area, the best playgrounds present as separate spaces which enable children to be more imaginative and creative. Examples could be:

  • Themed seating, such as toadstools or planes.
  • A separation of areas for physical activities and play areas for toys.
  • An eye-catching artificial grass logo or large-scale puzzle board.

The more kids running around making the most of play time, the higher the chance that an unfortunate trip or fall could occur. Artificial turf is safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing, and when installed with performance shock pads underneath, reduces the chances of injury from a fall. It’s important to use high-quality artificial grass for playgrounds to ensure that it stays safe and looks great for many years.

Contact us today and we will enjoy discovering and advising your Schools & Playgrounds application.