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How To Landscape Your Garden on a Slope

Having a garden with a slope can be a problem, but there are many ways that you can make the most of it and create something beautiful. From waterfalls to layered flowerbeds, the opportunities are endless.

Here’s some garden slope design inspiration for transforming your steep garden into a tranquil paradise. We would recommend contacting a landscaper for professional advice, if you would like to speak to one of our GrassHopper staff, contact us.

Stepping Stones

Adding a path or stepping stones can help you to move freely up and down your garden, as well as creating a centrepiece to plant around. You can use slabs, rocks or even gravel to create the steps. For an added touch, you can add lighting under each step – perfect for evenings in the garden.
Image source:homeownerlandscaping.com

Retaining Walls

To help add some structure to your garden steps, you can build retaining walls to hold back the soil and create different levels in the garden. This will require help from a landscaper, but once the hard work is done, you can plant flowers and bushes around the top of the wall. You could even lay some Sunrise 20 Artificial Grass as a neat and low maintenance option.

Image source: Pinterest


A waterfall is the perfect garden feature and can attract an array of wildlife to your garden. This will require expert advice and planning to achieve. You will need to run tubing from the top to the bottom of the waterfall, to keep a continuous flow of water. You’ll also need large rocks and stones for the water to run down and to put around the edges.

Image source: Pinterest


Adding decking to your sloped garden can help to level it out, and create a seating area for you to enjoy. If your garden is large enough, you could add multiple sections of decking down the slope. Planting trees around the area can create enclosed spaces, so you can enjoy your coffee in the morning surrounded by nature.


Image source: Pinterest
Contact us today and we can put you in touch with an approved GrassHopper installer who can help you create your perfect garden.