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How To Measure Your Garden Effectively.

How to effectively measure your garden

Prior to placing your order with us, you will need to measure out the space you are covering. This is a rather simple process that helps ensure you are getting enough synthetic turf for your application.

Here are some measuring pointers:

If the area is square or rectangle shaped, obtaining the square metres is as simple as measuring two sides and multiplying the numbers.

If the shape of your space is irregular, we recommend drawing out the shape of your site to scale on a grid, like this:

Once you’ve figured out your measurements, you can then easily work out how much grass you will need to order. While planning your synthetic grass requirements, don’t forget all GrassHopper products comes in 3.75m widths, and rolls up to 25m long, you should aim to have as few joins as possible.

If you need any further assistance or advice, please give us a call on 1300 796 200.